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Art Friday! Casey Draws over Bad Games

We try something new and interesting this week. Casey shows off his skills while Gillman shows the the world his collection of some of the worst games that mankind has ever produced. Next time, if you are nice, Casey may take suggestions. Watch live video from Varms on TwitchTV

Everyone's best friend, NICK!

Snuggle Cast: Scrub League: DOTA 2

Gillman and Nick do what two best friends in the entire world can do with free time to themselves, they play DOTA. This week you get to watch as Gillman’s mom tries to call him in the background, and as a teammate drops from the game about 2 minutes into it. Watch live video from…

The game you all forgot about

Snuggle Cast! Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Gillman and Nick are having the time of their lives while they play through some of the smaller sections of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. We have some chat with our favorite in game fan and banter about our weekend together. Hit us up in the comments if you have anything worth… commenting… about… Watch…

And this is what we all came to see.

Supah Anime Fun Taimu: Winter Season

There are plenty of places on the internet that discuss currently airing anime, especially now that it is much easier to watch than it was years ago thanks to legal streams and avid fansub communities.  Unfortunately, too many writers and websites have a closed-minded approach towards anime, and tend to skew the discussion towards bashing…