Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 7: Illusion of Gaia

We find out what happens when we have guests on the show and no one really plays the game for that week, and those that did don’t like it even a little bit. This is what a train wreck sounds like. We are very sorry.


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  • Danimal

    So I stumbled across your podcast on Itunes and this is the first episode I listened to… good lord this podcast fucking rocks. Now, I work a job where my mind does not have to be there at all, so I just pop in my ear buds and listen to podcasts and music all day. Sounds great, I know, but in an 8 hour shift everyday, you go through your library pretty fast. Now I’m down to the bare bones on my Ipod. Example: today I was listening to a Bronski Beat album I accidentally downloaded ’cause I thought the name sounded like a badass rap group and the best of Huey Lewis, which I didn’t even know I had on my Ipod. Thank Jesus’s pot-filled vagina I found this podcast, its kept me from going insane while at work. Although, I’m burning through the episodes at an incredible rate, so I hope you guys keep churning these babies out like a Nigerian woman on fertility treatment.

    FUN FACT: A Nigerian woman, on average, has 7 children!

    FUN FACT: People on the autism spectrum overwhelmingly love Huey Lewis!

    FUN FACT: This is what it looks like when I slam my penis on the keyboard multiple times: njhy7uyh7ynh7nh7nhjujhj7u7uy7uy77y

    FUN FACT: I secretly wish the keyboard was your faces! That how much I love this podcast

    NOW PUT THAT IN YOUR VAGINA AND SMOKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!