Spoony Bard: This one is for Juan

In probably our longest podcast ever we talk about Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, but end up calling it Link’s Awakening the entire time, and Starcraft and how awesome the second one is.  We go way off topic and talk about things that would get us kicked out of any proper company.  Our conversation ranges from everything from Facebook games and how they have destroyed us to how Square has ruined all of RPGs in the world.  This one is for Juan.


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  • Juan

    Woo hoo, thank for the title :P. Awesome to hear from you guys and always awesome podcast again, can’t wait for the sonic 3 podcast :P. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks again 😛

  • Mitchell

    I had you on my itunes and thought this podcast was well and truly dead. Good to hear from you after the long break.