Spoony Bard Podcast: Slow Long Jerk

This week we are talking about Sonic 3, as well as how Sonic and Knuckles played into that with the addition price tag on a game that we already bought.  Once again we go way, way off topic and talk about things from Paris France and landmarks that are found there to our fans and how we think that they all rock.  We may drink through most of the episode, but who doesn’t.  There is a request for listener interaction and comments, so think about that too.  Also we didn’t this week over skype, everything is live and in person, so get get ready for some almost good sounding audio– It is the 17th episode of the Spoony Bard Podcast!


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  • Juan

    Great podcast, My fav parts had to be the Bethesda party and the Hurricane story. I was laughing my ass off 😛 But I hope you guys do talk about these two games that I feel where somehow under appreciated even with one having a sequel and anime and the other having a huge cult following. And that would be the original Gungrave and it sequel O.D.

    And Godhand both for the ps2, Both these game’s had something many thing that always bring me back. From gungrave simple but fun game-play which is basically a shot em up, but with great atmosphere, and Got to say Fucking great Demolition shot, especially part two. And Godhand which has to be one clover best game, from the presentation to the game-play(nothing, beat spanking a female villain to death when she giving you a hard time beating her). And while going back to gameplay it one of the only game I know that award you for doing a great job in the game i.e. doing great combo, blocking at the right time, counter attacking etc. With making the game harder, which is something I kinda like and would wish some other developer would do.

    I Hope you guys get around to give these two game the spoony bard treatment and if not that cool, :). Also glad to hear you doing devil may cry while it one of the game I usually buy and trade for my ps2, I haven,t really got around to beating it. I usually stop after the huge bird villain on the raft if memory serve me right, But I would hope you guys talk about it sequel a little too, and maybe the fifth one which I basically heard it a reboot, which make no since. But I think I wrote a little to much here. But again a other great podcast and I just hope to hear from you guys, keep up the good work.

  • Mitchell

    Lol, I don’t know if you guys noticed but that was the second time talking about the same horse porn incident, it makes me wonder if thats the only thing you remember from college. I would like it if you did a show on Ape Escape on the PS1, I remember that game very fondly from my childhood and think you might be able to get some funny content out of that.

  • Are you saying that there is something wrong with a Horse Porn story?