Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 27: Anyone Want to Do the Title?

Episode 27 of the Spoony Bard Podcast, the classiest podcast on the net.  Roughly five minutes into the pod we lose stark for a couple of minutes and try to cover long enough for him to come back, which doesn’t really work.  We ended up losing about five minutes of the pod because of random computer issues, which is par for a pod at this point, but at the end we come back with Stark– so we all win.  All aside it sounds way better than the last one.  Besides the talk of R-Type, which is limited to only me remembering it fondly and everyone else complaining about it, we go in all kinds of random directions.  Mortal Kombat takes up most of the converstaion, but we bring up Pizza, beer, and Dr. Who, so there is that I guess.  Also PSN is still down so we kind of needed to complain about that too.


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  • Danimal

    Man, I am still pissed about PSN, but not that pissed. I think I maybe played Modern Warfare and Uncharted 2 twice online and that was it (I’m totally lukewarm on everything Call of Duty anyway except for Nazi zombies… which, ironically, is on some of the worst Call of Dutys. Fuck Treyarch for making me play something so mediocre for something so fun. It figures that Treyarch didn’t recognize they had something great when they decided to include zombies). Point is, I never used PSN except sending my friends the occasional penis message (_)_)::::::::::::::::::::D

    I dunno, I am kinda happy with free games and PS Plus for a month… but no way I’m giving them my credit card info now. Its all PSN cards from Best Buy for me from now on. Plus might be good just for the discount. There’s a lot of games I’ve been meaning to buy, so I’m definitely going to be using this but fuck Sony if they think I’m going to get Plus for real.

    Check this: http://www.cracked.com/article_19162_6-hilarious-ways-game-designers-are-screwing-with-pirates.html

    also, fuck yeah Yoshi’s Island.

    • Yeah, Stark and I are both huge fans of cracked, on most weeks it takes up half of our non-video game related conversation.

      I am only really pissed about PSN being down due to MK, which I am pretty sure I expressed in the last pod. Besides watching Netflix on the 360, which I only do at the moment because my PS3 keeps yelling at me to sign in, I haven’t turned on anything that isn’t the PS3 in awhile.