Update: I am online.  So the Albany area should be good.

Update 2: Looks like the entire north east is online.

Update 3: Looks like the Mortal Kombat servers are down though.  Damnit.

Update 4: Ok, their website is down.  Probably not great for people trying to log in online.  Everyone stop trying to get online.  I want to fight Stark in Mortal Kombat.  I will make him eat his own liver.

Update 5: California is up.  I am done winning things with fighting games now.

Update 6: Probably old hat at this point, everyone should be back online.  Now we just need the store to kick in.

Their blog of the latest online servers:

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  • Stark

    Got the firmware update, but it It won’t let me login or change my password

  •  Playing Mortal Kombat in Ranked right now.  You aren’t missing much.  Super laggy and messed up.  This even took some effort to get too.  In all honesty I am going to say it is going to be the end of the weekend before it is consistently up

    •  Side not: Love that PSN has been down since the day after MK came out.  The message of the day is “Welcome to Mortal Kombat”.  Even Ed Boon didn’t seen it coming today.