Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 28: Judgement Day

Back to basics this episode, Stark and I are joined by no one and we talk about a game that neither one of us really know that much about– Yoshi’s Island.  Everything from Mortal Kombat tournaments to how we feel that PSN isn’t doing a terrible job at making up for what it did (although it isn’t really going out of its way either), we don’t really stay on anything that could ever be a topic.  We also welcome everyone to leave some feedback, even make lots of suggestions on how you can go ahead and manage to do that.  And if any of you are wondering what we are going to be talking about next week, it is Mutant League Football.


Sexy Lingerie at Wicked Temptations

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  • Josh keable

    Mutant League Football is great. So is hockey.

  • Danimal

    RPGs have made you doughy and weak. Yoshi’s Island had no story? It’s explained right in the beginning concisely and clearly! Mario and Luigi’s “mom” is barren and she grows crazy with baby lust. She sends out a stork to pick up two baby’s, Mario and Luigi. Everyone knows they were the only viable option because Italians are terrible parents and often leave their children exposed to birds of prey. This is a fact, don’t dispute me. Anyway, the bird is intercepted because Bowser is a pedophile and needs a new dick warmer after he wore his old one (Gillman) out… and then Yoshi is involved for some reason. See! It’s that easy! Fuck, you guys need to pay closer attention *wags finger like a wise old mammy*