Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 29: The AC is On, Deal With It

In a perfect world this podcast would have been uploaded Saturday night.  This is not that world and you people aren’t here to listen to me complain about the worst week ever, you are hear to talk about video games.

Episode the 29th of the classiest podcast on the planet brings us a new guest, Sheeley, who is an expert on all things sports related– this is good as Stark and I have no knowledge about anything like that.  He explains to us that it is basically a football game that you can kill other people and not much else.  That is fine because we quickly start talking about Kristy Alley, Star Trek, and how much we really enjoy making fun of people who aren’t around to defend themselves.  Stark wanted a mellow adventure next time, so we are breaking from tradition and doing a modern classic for next week, Katamari.  Leave us a note to let us know what you think about that, or what you thought about this cast.


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  • Juan

    Awesome podcast, Love the whole time travel story :P.  But stark got to be careful or the Time cops might get him.
    Also I can’t wait for the next podcast,  I do have a other request for a game for you guys, but I don’t know if you are still taking request. And last I really hope Josh become a regular in the cast, What can I say beside his funny as hell.  

    • We are always welcome to suggestions, hell every time we can’t think of what we are going to be playing next Stark is about 2 steps away from saying it is the last podcast ever.

  • Juan

    Awesome, well I the one I want to request is a snes/genesis game called shadow run, which is a cyberpunk game base on the The role-playing game.   As mention it was  made for those two system yet the game-play and story are vastly different.   That why I was wondering if one you try the snes version and the other try the genesis then swap to see the difference in both.  And if you do decide to do it.  Please use a faq for both and the Genesis code.   These games are really story driven and make you have to talk to mostly every NPC. 

    And I mean talk especially the Snes version which is all about talking and using a Talk about command, which you have to find the right word to advance the plot, which can get confusing/flustering in the middle of the game.   While the genesis does have you talk to people also, it does have a hint feature in the option screen that help you out a lot if you’re stuck.   Sorry for the really long post.   But I hope you guys choose this or anything else to be honest since this is my top three fav podcast and I can’t wait to here more.

  • Danimal

    What would I do with a time machine? Dinosaurs vs. gladiators… also, I’d probably leave a carved bust of Nicholas Cage in an ancient tomb or something just to fuck with archeologists.