Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 30: Screw You Charter Communications

We are late with this newest addition to the ever growing family of dysfunctional pods that keep getting produced.  This week Stark has decided that it is entirely his job to inform people that we don’t fact check, but in all honesty I was kind of hoping that people already knew that from 30 seconds of us talking.  We start off really well this week, and instead of even making an attempt to talk about the game find a way to complain about people getting married or inviting us to parties.  We do discuss the topic, Katamari, with a great amount of love–even though we don’t give it the time needed– and find ways to talk about so much else.  E3, complaining about Family Guy (again), current games we are playing, and FPS’ are just small taste of the devotion that we show for staying on topic.


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  • Danimal

    Why not up on I-Tunes yet? C’mon man! I need my fix! *taps arm vein*

    • I still have to edit all of that code by hand so it takes a little more time to hit iTunes than the site.  It should have gone up yesterday but I had some stuff come up that I had to leave the area.  I should be able to get around to that at some point today.  Don’t worry, this episode is almost two hours long so it should make up for the wait.

      • The pod is now live on iTunes.  Sorry about the delay on that.

        • Danimal

           Oh you better be sorry! You better be! How dare you delay my free entertainment that I literally contribute nothing to yet consume regularly. 

          But lets be a wee bit cereal for a moment, love you guys! Can’t wait to listen to this.