Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 33: For Science, You Monster

This week we talk about Blaster Master and everything awesome that has involved with it.

I would love to blame this podcast going up late on my new job, but the truth of the matter is that I have just been sitting on possibly some of the easiest to edit content that we may have ever recorded.  I don’t know why it hasn’t gotten upload, and you can blame that entirely on me.  Besides the standard block of video game talk we also discuss important things like anime and old movies that no one besides the two of us would ever care about.  You know, the things that really matter in life.

Also, tell us how you feel about the new– much longer– format.  We always love reading any and all fan feedback.


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  • juan

    Nice, podcast, but really you hate Temple of doom more then the crystal skull :P.  Also Can’t wait for the Half-life  podcast.    I also wondering are you guys only gonna talk about Half-life by itself?  Or also include the expansion like Oppression force and blue shift?   

    • Don’t worry, you will have answers to these questions as soon as the I can get internet to my new apartment and upload the cast. 

  • You will have your questions answered the moment that I can manage to get internet back at my apartment! 

  • Danimal

    Crystal Skull before Temple of Doom? You have to be smoking some crystal to make that statement. Only thing I gotta say about Crystal Skull… monkey with a greaser haircut.

    Yenywho, I think yous guys should do me a solid and cover perhaps one the greatest games OF ALL TIME. That is of course… Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City.

    Or, maybe Crash Bandicoot? That was a pretty solid game back in the day and I think it even escapes the PS curse of having terrible graphics in retrospect. I know y’all ain’t too big on platformers, but they are my forte.

    Oh oh oh, even better than that… how about a podcast devoted to how terrible Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was! Oh my god, I think I just sprang a big rubbery one thinking about it.