Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 34: Episode 3 Any Time Now…

Just so everyone is aware, I have been in the process of moving.  I know that I probably should have had this cast up two weeks ago, but it was kind of hard with no internet.

Anyway, this week we talk about Half-Life!  The odd thing about Half-Life is that you can’t really begin to talk about it without talking about the massive influence that it had on gaming in general.  When you start talking about that you have to bring up Half-Life 2, because beside the Unreal Engine almost everything good in gaming pretty much has its roots in there.  This is also probably the first time that Stark and I honestly didn’t feel like we ended up giving the game of the week enough of a conversation, and kind of want to go on more.  Interesting because we have been talking about doing a spoiler cast on Portal 2 seeing as I am currently working my way through that entire experience as well.

Shorter this week as I had to run out and keep moving stuff, but don’t worry we record tomorrow as well, so there is another cast that is probably going to be stupid long coming soon anyway. We will be talking about Donkey Kong Country.

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  • mitchell

    Hey, I’m deeply disappointed that you mentioned Juan by name and not me (Insert angry comments here). But it was good to hear to talk about half-life because I am a massive fan. Of my two gaming tattoos one of them happens to be a lambda with a circle around it half-life style. Even though I’m not that old I have been a half-life fan since the beginning. I was 6 and my dad was a bit of a gamer back then so we owned a copy and later got the expansions and what not. I played on the old WON system before steam and I have to say steam is a godsend. I think my steam account was created like in the first week it being released. But onto my suggestion for next week. I think you should drop the pretence of being a gaming podcast (talking about games for 5 minutes then talking about Stark’s dog or whatever) and do an episode about anime. As an anime fan I’m interested in what you guys watch besides high school of the dead.Ok,Mitchell out cya!

    P.S. Fuck you Dan(s).

    • mitchell

      Oh and don’t take offence to my comments, I’m trying to be that one viewer that is always angry about something.