Episode 35: I Forgot the Title

So this week I start off with a story and Stark finishes with arguably a much better one.  We also talk about Donkey Kong for awhile.  It is funny that I can remember a couple of years ago when Penny-Arcade took a website, GameSpy, to task over the fact that they had made a list of over-rated games and Donkey Kong was number one on it.  Turns out that everyone is sort of coming around to that conclusion.  We talk about other things, I bring up editing the pod –but if we are being honest that isn’t ever going to happen.  We talk about all kinds of fighting games and old games, which is on topic and I almost feel like we should be rewarded for.
Next Podcast coming sooner then later.


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  • Stark

    After Gillman decides to post our podcast about Resident Evil 2, we should be on schedule to do an entire episode about anime!

  • Danimal

    So, I popped onto youtube to just see what the fuck Strike Witches is. I already heard it was bad, but I just needed to see it to satisfy my own curiosity. You failed to mention that Strike Witches have creepy animal ears and shit too… why? I didn’t watch a whole episode because I’m a human being with dignity and self respect, but it is really really creepy to see underage girls pantsless ALWAYS. No kidding, they are always pantsless, even in scenes where it is entirely inappropriate just in terms of context of the scene for there to be pantsless girls about! Now, I’m a gay man, so there is nothing happening down there when watching this (or any other fan service, really) but is this even suppose to be fan service? I know there are probably pedophiles who get a big ‘ol chubby over shit like this, but is that what they’re catering too? I feel dirty, and I hate you both for even dedicating a moment of the podcast to Strike Witches, even to bash it. Strike Witches is like the Holocaust, you don’t need to mention that it’s bad, we all already know,

    • Stark

      You fell into the same trap that I did… when someone tells me an anime is as good as Evangelion I simply can’t resist.  The dirty feeling a show like Strike Witches stirs is a natural reaction for anyone that isn’t just plain sketchy.  Unfortunately, it is part of the Japanese “lolicon” fad, which does indeed cater to pedos.  The fad grew so out of control the Japanese government has jumped in to try to stomp it out, and the sooner it works the better.  Even here in the USA people go nuts for crap like that, making the task of taking anime recommendations a nightmare.  I don’t know how many times I have taken the word of others on an anime series and then found myself disgusted and disturbed to the point where I felt like throwing up.  It’s even worse when I’ve attended anime conventions and watched weirdos line up in droves to buy dvd’s, manga, and figurines of lolicon characters.  There is nothing more discouraging than discovering your favorite hobby has a terrible dark side.

      • I tried to explain the same thing about becoming jaded on anime in college because of all of the people that loved garbage, mainly because you and I had only experience one terrible anime before that (Odin). I then entered a world where there were people who would make fan websites and drop out of college so that they could watch another episode of things that seemingly should be rightfully outlawed.

        I am not a film dick, people just suck.

      • Danimal

        The only thing I can think of as to why lolicon even exist is seriously the atomic bombs. Seriously, I’m not making a joke here. Like, I’m dead serious. That has to fuck up your national psyche to be the only country on the planet that has ever happened to.

        But I still can’t get off the animal ears. I don’t have my finger on the pulse of the anime community (honestly, you guys and maybe one other person in the world are who I trust with anime suggestions) but is furry a thing now? I thought that just existed in the deep dark sticky corners of the internet. I consider myself to be a pretty open minded guy, but I just can’t wrap my brain around that furry thing. Is it about fucking animals or like fucking Bugs Bunny? I just don’t get it. I remember seeing anthropomorphic animals in Dragon Ball but I thought that was just part of the goofiness that is Dragon Ball. But I can’t decided what is more creepy, furries or lolicon. Both groups of people who enjoy those things obviously want to fuck something that can’t give consent, whether it be a child or an animal. Also, fuck those people for even making me think these things.

        So, in conclusion, I blame Harry Truman for every pedophile ever.

        • I think the that cat girl thing is more of a “moe” (which Stark tells me is how that is spelled) thing — or “oh! so cute”– than it is furry.  I am pretty sure that is has more to do with the fact that there is a large section of the Japanese people that almost worship the cute than it is that they want human animals.

          • Danimal

             Ah, that makes a little more sense… and by that, I mean it make no sense, but at least I’m not imagining a person fucking an animal anymore.

          • Stark

            There is a total difference between “furries” and “nekomimi” (cat ears).  Furries are people that dress up in oversized plush costumes and fuck, which is actually American/European in origin.  Nekomimi is simply anime chicks with cat ears… totally human in form, just with cat ears to be cute.  Remember Catwoman, the batman villain?  Not Japanese.  American.  From America.  Which is not Japan. Just sayin’.

          • Danimal

            I’m sorry, I should have made it clear that I never meant “Japan” was into furries, I was talking strictly American. I’m sorry, I should have made that clear. America is all I know, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was generalizing a whole country with thousands of years of culture and history.

            Once again dude, I didn’t mean to, like, post awful things that might have ruined your day because it is your site. I guess I just didn’t articulate well enough. I know I said I’m sorry a lot in these last two posts, but really man, I love what you guys do and I hope I didn’t sour that for you.

            But yeah, I guess I just never paid attention to the whole Catwoman thing because, ya know… gay and all. The cat ears thing is still something I don’t quite get why that makes something cute… but I also watch an anime where a mostly cyborg woman mind polices cyber criminals in 2500s Toyko, so there’s a lot of disbelief to suspend there.

        • Stark

          Whoa!  Pump those brakes!  Its fine if you don’t get anime.  It’s a niche hobby even in Japan itself.   I’m no fan of the lolicon fad, but one thing is for sure, it’s not just a “Japanese” thing.  America has tons of beauty pageants featuring girls that are 5 and under, judged by panels of sketchy old men.  This exploits REAL children for the pleasure of others, as well as screwing with their self-esteem and psychological well-being.  Tons of “pop” artists such as boy-bands aim sexually-charged songs at young teens and so-called “tweens”.  South Park has an entire episode devoted to pointing out that Disney’s music division makes billions “selling sex to children” and gets a free pass on it.  Lolicon may certainly be messed up, but it does not involve real children at all, only drawings and paint.  Also note that Japan has a dramatically lower crime rate than most “first-world” countries, including sex crimes.  Japan also punishes those who commit sex crimes with life sentences and the death penalty, unlike most countries that simply put them in prison for a few years and then turn them loose.  Please do some real research before going on the internet and claiming another country is the home of all pedophiles (and caused by nuclear weapons???).  Gillman and I are glad to have fans that will come out and post their opinions, but this conversation has teetered on the border of racism, and I will not tolerate that on the website. 

          • Danimal

            Oh, shit, now I feel like a jackass and a jerk…. I guess that does sound a bit racist huh? Though, I never meant anime fans as just Japanese nor was I even talking about Japan after that atomic bomb blurb at the top. I meant just American anime culture because, honestly, I know nothing about what is popular or little anime cliques in Japan nor would I probably understand it anyway just because of the cultural block. I know them in America though and half of them kinda creep me out, just sayin. I mean, I’m a big nerd and I like anime and video games and shitty scifi shows and stuff, but there are some weird people who like what I like too.

            Damn, I didn’t mean to blemish the site.

            Yenywho, good point on the oversexualized children in American culture. I wasn’t counting America out of the mix of loliconish shit. I guess every culture has something similar. I could have articulated myself a little better rather than just vomiting random half-baked thoughts on the internet site of some people I actually have much respect for. Sorry about that.

            But that sexualization of children is just something I don’t get in general. Like, I just don’t know who their trying to appeal too. Other children maybe? Or sketchy dudes in vans who still think the Doobie Bothers are hard rock. Like, I dunno if you ever saw The Professional, but damn. Natalie Portman is basically playing a twelve year old girl that wants to fuck Leon. It’s kinda messed up actually.