The Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 36: Dying Happy, Uniquely Canadian

You want to talk about a game that, for me, could not have aged worse?  I think that at this point in my life I would have to bring up Resident Evil 2.  For a game that basically help my entire attention for almost year I there was nothing that could even touch its place in my mind until RPGs started getting super insane in the way of Disgaea.  We stay on topic, again, for awhile this week before we just start to break down and talk about anything we can think of– summer of arcade, movies, what games we are playing, and pretty much anything else that we can think of at the moment.  Did I mention that Stark starts calling me the film dick because of my taste in movies?  True story.


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  • juan

    Holy crap two spoony brad in four day you guys are spoiling us now :P.  Didn’t listen but will at work thank alot guys 🙂

    • I do what I can. There was just some catching up to do, thus a delay in the posting. Hopefully the next one should almost be on time.

  • Stark

    Gillman and I just finished up our monster of a podcast on anime that runs for nearly two and a half hours, and hopefully it will be up in a few days.  Coming up this month we should have a couple more “special” episodes, our next being about the SNES anniversary, and then our Portal 2 super special.  We would love some more fan suggestions for games to play, maybe even some anime series to talk about. A big thanks to all you guys and gals out there listening and putting up with us on your mp3 players!

  • juan

    cool, can’t wait to hear, Also for request I only have two that I would love to hear the first is final fantasy tactic but if you guy want to do old school, I really think the breath of fire series need a lot of love.  Beside final fantasy, this series was my second fav on the snes especially two.  From building you’re own town to fusing character’s to make them stronger, there was a lot to do in that game.   Also for anime I guess gintama just for the awesomeness that series provide every week :P.  But I’m posting to long so I can’t wait for us four fans to here you’re awesome podcast :P.   Please, keep up the great work you guys provide.