Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 43: Secrets

We are back with a short cast about what we have been up to and why we are going to cast more.  Tell us what you think!


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  • Woo Hoo, 

    Though you guys where done :P.   Glad to see your back.    Also need a vita podcast from you guys.   Awesome system :).  

  • stark227

    It has been a while, but we are hoping to do the podcast more often now that I no longer live in the boondocks.  We have been gaming away at some requests from fan emails and hope to be putting it all together in some form of podcast.
    I also have a 2011 top 10 anime of the year article to go up on the site at some point, for the 3 people left alive on Earth that still watch anime on a regular basis.

    I would love to have a Vita right now, but I tend to wait on brand new systems until there is a nice pile of games to check out, and more importantly when all the buga are worked out in the first couple models (Sadly it happens.)  Gillman just got a 3DS, so we could certainly pod about that in a pinch.
    Thanks to all you guys for still listening!