Dog/Pig Thing Attacks, Must be Witches

In an event that is totally not another chupacabra sighting, a massive dog/pig thing—and not a pit-bull because those are different—has been attacking locals in Namibia, South Western Africa.  Locals are now only traveling in groups and arming themselves, which is probably a good idea because this thing has been reported to attack and take down groups of –possibly wild and hungry—dogs.  Whatever the thing is it seems to have spooked the local officials into investigating what is going on.

Although it would be interesting to point out that this is just outside of a desert, and anyone who knows anything about obscure deserts know that really cool and unverified things come from them all the time (Mongolian Death Worm anyone?), it seems that the locals are less attentive to the possible discovery of some new species of awesome—or a mad scientist from the second, less good, X-Files movie—and more leaning on the entire “probably a witch,” thing.  While I am normally not one to judge, I do have to say that it is nice to know that there are places in the world that Monty Python and The Holy Grail logic still applies.


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