EA Tries To Sell Mass Effect 3 To The Japanese With Manga, Wrex Accused Of Molestation

An 8 page manga about EA’s upcoming game Mass Effect 3 can now be found on the Japanese gaming website Dengeki, featuring adorable versions of all your favorite Mass Effect Characters!  Liara and Tali are walking home from “Citadel High School”, until they are pursued by a raging Wrex.  Once Wrex is able to convince the poor girls he is not there to make this manga into a hentai doujin, he proceeds to turn the middle of the street into a marketing ploy for Mass Effect 3, even going so far as to bribe the girls with cake.

The real funny thing about this form of advertising is that I wonder if it can actually hurt sales of the game in Japan.  Mass Effect games are very western games that would never appeal to an otaku obsessed with all things moe.  It would be like a television ad for Disgaea done in live action, featuring muscle-bound demons hacking the limbs off of monsters on a battlefield with blood spraying everywhere, and heavy-metal-rock blaring in the soundtrack.

Source:  Crunchyroll.com

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