United States Navy Tests New Rail-Gun Prototype: Spending Tons of Money To Make Science Fiction A Reality

The United States, always eager to find awesome new ways to destroy things, has recently tested a new rail-gun.  The BAE electromagnetic rail-gun uses massive amounts of electricity to fire a projectile at hypersonic speeds.  That’s right; someone actually built a real rail-gun, similar to the weapons seen in the Metal Gear Solid series of video games, and the powers of Misaka Mikoto from the Index/Railgun anime and manga series.

It turns out lots of American legislators think this thing is a waste of money, but the Navy is hoping to prove them wrong.  Along with BAE, another defense contractor, General Atomics is hoping to show off its rail-gun prototype.  The Navy is hoping to have these things in ships by the 2020’s if they get legislators to sign on.  If you’re looking to see some awesome science, check out the video!

Source: Wired.com

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