Geriatric Gambling Ring Brought Down

For everyone out there that is thinking about starting a backroom gambling den of sin, is well over the age of 70, and lives in England be warned that the local bobby is on the lookout for you—regardless for how little you and your close group of soon to be dead friends are playing for.  Although it does appear that the local attorney general might be willing to drop the charges, but only after two and a half years and probably lots of patience waiting for everyone involved to just die and the entire affair to be forgotten about.

This does kind of raise a ton of questions, the first clearest in my mind being on why cops care about raiding a small group of friends who are playing for even smaller amounts of cash.  Sure, this is technically illegal, but does it really matter when it is just a couple of people taking their each other’s money back and forth week after week?  Also, I understand that this can be fined up to 1000 American dollars and six months in jail, but why does it take this long to come to a decision on this kind of thing?  Also, what kind of police sting is needed to capture everyone?  How do you even find a cop willing to go undercover that is both still active and that old?

Source:  Herald Extra

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