Even Republicans Know how to Draw the Line in Insanity

Laurens County, South Carolina, congratulations!  I never want to visit you ever.

It appears that a local politician wants all of the political candidates to sign a purity pledge; basically a written agreement that they will not cheat on their wives, won’t watch “adult videos,”, that they have never had pre-marital sex, protect gun rights, oppose abortion, and probably several other amazingly insane things.  The shocking event that has come out of all of this is that the Republican Party managed to respond before any of the candidates to basically say that no one would be signing that, also it would be illegal for them to not put people on the ballot because they didn’t sign it.

In all honesty I don’t know why people are acting that surprised about this, most Republicans are expected to sign a similar pledge when they get into office, but instead of being about the purity that they all pretend to have (looking at you Limbaugh) it is about never raising taxes for any reason ever.  The worst part is that most of these people seem to take these things so seriously that they don’t seem to be able to step away from it, even in moments when it would probably be best to do so.  Sorry pledge, you couldn’t see the future and honesty aren’t a great reason to tie someone’s hands.  Wait, it did/does?  Awesome.

Source: Daily Herald, my new favorite source for weird.

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