New wave of Hackers Don’t Mess Around

Don’t mess with hackers.  That is just a general practice on the internet.  You leave them alone and let them do their own thing.  One unknown group, though, has decided to take things to an entirely new level—they have come up with their own programming language for their Trojan.  If you aren’t aware, this is basically like finding a foreigner with a gun in your living room, you can see what he is doing, but you have no idea on his motives or really the best way to go about stopping him from pretty much doing whatever.

Honestly this sounds exactly like something out of the most recently concluded awesome anime, Steins Gate.  While it is probably not a time traveling ninja warrior-hot anime girl doing all of this to bring peace to the world, it does sound like something that people would come up with in some random sci-fi adventure.  Every now and then you hear something about people just going out of their way to ruin someone’s day, but I really do have to say to whoever managed to do this; way to up the game.  Honestly though, everything after this is just going to be something that is really well coded in a language we know, these people just wanted to make it hard to un-ruin your day.

Source: The Register

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