World’s Worst Cop Uses Work Vehicle to Move

While I am sure that there are worse cops out there, I don’t know if so many of them are actively so lazy that they decide it is a good idea to tie a mattress to the roof of their police cruiser and drive down the road like, “it ain’t no thang”.  There have been a ton of times in my life when I have actively done things at jobs when I just don’t care about being there anymore, most of them were low paying and low responsibility, the fact that this woman is in charge of stuff and has been there for 32 years kinds of makes me question her entire career there.

The story is happy to point out that she has been “disciplined” somewhere in the teens of times, but has still managed to get repeated raises and has no impact on her retirement.  Just a quick search of the internet pretty much tells me that, strangely enough, most places allow officers to receive full benefits around the 32nd year.  So I guess as I am writing this story I am found out entirely why this officer just did not care anymore.

Soure: Daily Herald

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