Spoony Bard Special: The Stuff Commentary

The first episode of the as yet named podcast where we watch terrible movies on netflix streaming and record a commentary track for anyone who is foolish enough to listen to the humor.

This week we watched “The Stuff” a movie so horrible that it at the end it doesn’t even try to hide the fact that it is racist.  Add to that the bad guy in the movie literally being a plastic container of Marshmallow Fluff and you kind of have something that most people would normally walk away from if they saw in a store or heard recommended.  We man up and sit through it so you can feel like you aren’t just drinking with alone to get through it.


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     Here is our first big experiment, if you’ve got netflix we hope you will join us as we mindlessly ramble through “The Stuff”, a super cheezy mess from the 80’s.  We make no promises or guarantees for quality here, folks.  Think of it as watching a terrible movie with 3 rude jerks that poke fun at it and converse during the boring parts.  Tell us if you like it or hate it, and be sure to keep those suggestions coming.  Try to remember we are looking for movies on netflix so no one has to jump through major hoops or pay a decent amount of money to see these atrocities.  I would also like to mention that fans of our normal podcast should not be worried: we are going to be doing an entire episode of Spoony Bard dedicated to the “Tales Of” game series, along with a scoop on the latest title in the series, Tales Of Graces F!

  • Oh got some Chocolate chip Charlie best character.  Still mad he die.   But great podcast hope to see more in the future.