OK to Want to Jump Off a Bridge, Science Says

A bunch of college students not doing work in their lab start talking about this weird urge that one of them had to jump off the side of a bridge the even though they weren’t depressed and didn’t want to commit suicide.  Instead of everyone turning awkwardly around finally getting to whatever science was waiting for them other students started to express having had almost the experience.  Over 400 college students were later polled and found that half of those who had suicidal thoughts, so half those answering truthfully, had experience the same thing.

Speaking as someone who is terrified of heights, in any amount more than me standing up, I think that it would be better for everyone involved to use their time figuring out how to make falls that wouldn’t even bruise me not awful to be around.  It seems odd that people are thinking about this as Freud’s example of the death wish, and not just human nature to instill the correct amount of respect for heights ranging from one foot and up.  Speaking from experience, no one who is afraid of heights doesn’t like being up that high—we just don’t want to fall from there.

Source:  MSNBC

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