Robot Arm Made With SCIENCE!

NASA and GM have decided to work together to create a device that will allow workers who must do repeated physical tasks (holding something or using a nail gun) throughout the day to experience less hand/arm strain by helping exert a small amount of addition pressure on the object being used. As odd as the pairing of the two organizations is it would make sense that they are both very interested in this as they are both quickly eliminating all jobs that would require the use of it.  With NASA’s budget being slashed as badly it is it is always nice to see that they are still advancing technology for the rest of the world, even without funding.

The best part of this story, for me, is that this is just another step for man to merge with the robots that we must one day do battle with.  This is the kind of thing that will hopefully one day allow us to see that we are not that different from each other, and possibly find a bridge to peace with.  In the same instance if it doesn’t it will allow us to fire our automatic rifles for longer periods of time at their soulless metal bodies that long to feast on our flesh to fuel their furnaces of hell.

Source:  PC MAG

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