Sony Bolstering It’s Defenses Against “Hacktivist” Groups

After being hammered by over 20 hacking attacks from hacktivist groups Lulzsec and Anonymous in 2011, Sony is beefing up security like never before.  The leader of Sony’s new security department is Brett Wahlin, former employee of McAfee with years of experience as a counter intelligence officer in the US military.  Wahlin’s security strategy is focused on defending against newer “socially-motivated” hackers.

Wahlin is hoping to look at the overall pattern of how many of these online attacks begin in order to react to breaches in security faster and prevent them from happening, along with working to monitor PlayStation Network for suspicious transactions that can pose a threat.  Another part of this strategy is educating staff to promote better security practices in the workplace.  Much of Sony’s overall security goals are to automate the detection of abnormal activities on the network so security staff can devote more time to stopping attacks as they are discovered.


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