9 Year-Old Refuses to Go to Jury Duty

Sorry people of Massachusetts, you will not be able to count on Jacob Clark to be on your jury as he has better and more important things to do.  Oddly enough those include going to 4th grade and thinking that girls have some rare and infectious virus.   It turns out that the 9 year old simply cannot find time in his precious schedule for his service as an American.  Sorry Jacob, but you seem to be fully enjoying all of the things that we are giving you with our tax dollars—you think that just because you are underage you think all you have to worry about is how hard multiplication tables and memorizing state capitals is—it is time that you did something for the community that brought you up.

It is people like Jacob that are causing an issue in America.  Speaking as a former Census worker I find it terrible that he thinks he can put in a fake birthdate of 1982 (also known as the best year ever) and pretend that he can just not follow through with everything that comes with that responsibility.  Think about it Jacob, how cool would you be going back to all of your friends knowing that you help put a man to death and also had your first beer seeing as you are now 29 years old in the states eyes.

Source:  NY Daily News

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