Board of Health Ruiner of Fun for Lobster Dinner

People looking to play a UFO catcher style activity (the claw game where you normally trying to capture a stuffed animal in a mechanical claw) for a lobster dinner are going to have to find some place other than Massachusetts to do so, as the board of health has recently decided that probably has all kinds of sanitation issues just waiting to happen.  The owner claims that all of the water is properly circulated throughout the tank to keep the lobsters healthy, and there is the mandatory UV light to kill off whatever bacteria that might be growing, but that doesn’t seem to be enough.  It is a disappointment to many of the locals as it was becoming rather popular before it was shut down.

My entire theory on this is that it was a younger restaurant owner that was trying to make a dinner with your wife entirely less boring, and an old Public Health official that thinks everything that is related to video games is the devil’s work.  I am sure that when this is the next big thing in a five star eatery in LA or NYC that everyone will try to do it, but a small place in Maine probably just doesn’t have the cash to fight this kind of thing—with science.

Source: Herald Extra

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