Dead Body Screams in Small Zambia Morgue

A man died in a tragic traffic accident in the Munali Hills in Zambia, Africa, and was transported to the Mazabuka mortuary with all of his belongings.  It was several hours later, during the night shift at the morgue, the employees heard what sounded like a massive lion’s roar from the area where the new arrival was being housed.  Being that this is Africa and everything, they called the local police to investigate—because you know, in Africa a lion is a real possibility.  When the police arrived they found no lion, but instead only the man and his duffel bag that had been brought with him—inside that bag they found all kinds of things for black magic, including a skull and a live snake.  A priest was quickly called in before anything was touched again.

Things get more interesting when the wife of the newly dead man went to the police station to claim his belongings and was asked about the bag.  She quickly claimed that the entire time they were married she knew better than to go near the bag.  Say what you will about people believing in magic and trying to avoid it, it is normally good advice to avoid duffel bags containing things that could possibly be a live snake.

Source: All Africa

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