Einstein Gets Man Fired Over 55 Years after Death

The head research scientist in charge of the experiment that falsely reported a particle travelling faster than the speed of light has resigned from his position. Antonio Ereditato was in charge of testing the limits of how fast particles could travel, and for a brief moment thought that he had managed to make something travel faster than time itself.   The problem wasn’t with the experiment that Professor Ereditato was conducting, but instead that some of the equipment had failed and ended up giving back false readings that caused the improper timing.

Honestly I have had issues with this story since it broke that something might have been wrong, not because I knew that Einstein was always correct but instead because people acted like he was some kind of pillar of truth that nothing could ever dislodge.  In all honesty I think that old Albert might have been happy with the fact that the speed limit was broken in a scientific manner, because particles on the subatomic scale have been detected travelling significantly faster than light as they escape a black hole—no one has known how, or why, of it those are just bad readings.  I think that if Einstein was alive today he would be annoyed at the level of vitriol this man received over a frayed wire.

Source: Reuters

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