Anime Inspired Invention Solves Energy Crisis

Environmentalists and anime fans around the world are celebrating the development of a cheap, renewable, clean source of energy that is expected to go into full production by the end of the year.  The “Shizuma Drive” is a seemingly simple device that consists of a glass tube that produces electricity for extended periods of time, and is then recycled once its energy has been exhausted.  Its inventor, German scientist Dr. Von Vakkumharder, was inspired to create a real version of this device after seeing it in the classic anime series “Giant Robo.”

At a recent press conference, one reporter from the Associated Press asked Dr. Von Vakkumharder about how this device works.  The Dr. simply laughed and said: “It’s a red ball floating around in a tube full of liquid, I ain’t gotta explain shit.”  Shizuma Drives are expected to be available for purchase in early 2013.


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