Strip Searches Legal for Walking Dog without Leash

The Supreme Court has decided that regardless of the level of offense that it is entirely sensible, reasonable, and legal to strip search a person as long as they are doing it for the greater “safety,” of the correctional facility.  The court was split with this decision, with a 5-4 vote, meaning that half almost half of the people voting on it pretty much thought that this was going entirely too far and probably shouldn’t be happening.  While this doesn’t mean that it can be overturned in the next couple of years there is a persistent for doing so (Jim Crow laws), although there is also a judgment on the books about strip searching inmates after any physical contact with an “outsider” for over 40 years.

The future of this law will be interesting as dozens of attractive women are arrested for massively minor offenses and inspected in jail.  While I agree that these types of searches are probably needed for violent offenders, or people with a clear suspicion of smuggling things in to prison, it is kind of insane that they would do this for, say, littering.  The person who brought this to the courts attention went to jail for a falsely reported unpaid fine.  Which means that parking tickets and land you in jail and naked for no reason.  I guess the solution is to get fat enough that no one wants to see what you look like naked, just to avoid awkward moments in jail.

Source: NY Times

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