Google Make Internet Eyewear

Oh Google, you give me everything that I always wanted:  a functional search engine that almost always gives me the results that I am looking for, a phone that you have to pay George Lucas to reference, and now a pair of glasses that I can surf the net with by talking to.  This morning Google unveiled that it has been working on a pair of glasses that will allow users to get directions, weather updates, and probably several other things simply by talking to it. Not only does this mean that I can read the newest Seanbaby article on Cracked while driving to work in the morning, I can also figure out how much my insurance is going to go up for driving off the road/kill a guy while doing so.

The truth is that this technology has been around since the mid-90’s, it has just been massive in size –normally requiring something the size of a large laptop in computer parts strapped to one’s back—and only ever really the toy of MIT graduate students trying to get a job at Microsoft.  Google is the first company to step forward and say that they are going to make a commercial grade device that anyone can use, which is great and I will pretty much buy the moment that they figure out how I can control the browsing with my eye movement.  I don’t need to let the people at work overhear me telling my glasses terrible things.

Source: Reuters

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