Wal-Mart Branching Out to Meth

People who have always wondered what the next thing that Wal-Mart would do to make life easier, they already have pretty much every product under the sun—even a grocery store—what could they do to make life better?  The answer, of course, was to start dealing illegal drugs out of the bathroom.  A janitor recently found a fully constructed meth lab in a woman’s bathroom in Alabama.  The best part of the entire construction, clearly, is the Sudafed that was being used was bought at another store, and not at the Wal-Mart.  I know that this might make it harder for the people making the meth to be tracked, but come on.  They are already at a Wal-Mart, they might have just picked up some bubble gum and eye glasses when they got the Sudafed.

It is great to read the quotes of the police investigating the processing plant who seemed to be more concerned about the safety of everyone in such a public place instead of wondering how everyone managed to miss the METH LAB BEING CONSTRUCTED INFRONT OF THEM.  I am pretty sure that those places both smell and randomly explode, so I don’t know how most of this was missed.  Also, why are they buying things?  I am pretty sure that they could have just picked it up and walked into the bathroom with it.  It isn’t really theft if you don’t leave the store with it.

Source: Examiner

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