Varms.Net Presents: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza

Our newest podcast, an attempt to play through all of the first Yakuza game while recording a conversation and drinking beer.  If you would like to have this on iTunes to download, or any ideas let us know.

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  • Any iTunes derivative would be awesome. It would definitely make managing my Pods and SMods a lot easier. 

    I enjoy your podcasts quite a bit. You talk about the shit that matters and your banter is priceless. Let me know if you need a graphic artist for something in the future. I figure the free entertainment you’ve given is at least worth a drawing or two.

    Shoot me an email sometime:

    • Cool, I will look into doing that. It turns out that dumping an entire glass of water into your computer is not something that it takes well. For that reason things might be a little slow on Varms until I can find the money to make a replacement out of random parts.

  • There’s a comment I’m not seeing in the thread. The reply count listed 2 comments before I made this one… must be a glitch that’s remedied itself or some shit :/

    •  Yeah, ignore that.  Site inner working weirdness.  It was just me saying that there is going to be a delay for a bit on any other of these episodes being published, and possibly the podcasts, because I decided the best place for a glass of water was going to be inside of my computer.  The harddrive is fine, so everything that I had build up for this series will be OK, but at the earliest it is going to be next week before I can get the parts to fix everything.

      • Some of us learn the hard way, eh? Sorry about your misfortunes, bro. I hope you won’t have to pay out the ass to get your machine back to working order.