Weekly Anime Round-Up: April 16th-22nd

Week 3 of the 2012 spring anime season has come and gone, and it has been a good week.  Nearly all of the shows have laid down the groundwork for things to come, so some exciting times are up ahead.  This week also has another casualty, yet another show dropped from the watch list.

Accel World: Episode 3

Haru continues to learn more about the game world of Brain Burst in this episode, as well as the dark history behind the girl who got him involved in all this to begin with.  While this episode was slow, learning about the Brain Burst game world and its territories was interesting.  As an added bonus, get ready for things to get hot and heavy when Haru convinces his childhood friend Chiyuri to perform a wired connection with him using a very short cable…

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San: Episode 2

Things only get crazier in the second episode as Nyaruko has to face one of her most dreaded enemies- Cthuga.  This episode is jam packed with references on everything from Gundam to Kamen Rider.  The fast-paced silliness of this show delivers almost nonstop laughter, and I find that this show seems to bring a smile to my face no matter how bad of a mood I may be in.  Be sure to brace yourself when Cthuga (AKA “Kuko”) tells Nyaruko what her true intentions are.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD: Episode 3
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

Zombie has some tough competition for the comedy category this season because of Nyaruko, but this show still delivers the laughs.  I never thought I would find myself laughing about chainsaw repair as much as I have in this episode.  Things get even better when Maelstrom takes up dancing and is joined by Haruna.  This episode also ended with more “teasers” of actual story events to come.

Medaka Box: Episode 3

The second episode of this show really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I have to admit, I only watched this week’s episode solely on the street cred of Gainax.  Unfortunately, I find that I cannot get into this show, and even worse, it does not seem like this show is going to go anywhere beyond the story of solving mundane problems every week.  Perhaps I went into this with expectations that are too high due to all of the hype at the beginning of the season, but either way, I am done with this show unless I hear it is getting good.

Natsuiro Kiseki: Episode 3
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

The magical rock hijinks continue as the girls find out that a little boy saw them flying in the air.  After deciding it’s important to keep the stone a secret, the girls try to find a way keep the boy and his friends quiet about their magic flight.  While this episode was not nearly as amusing as last weeks, it was still entertaining enough to keep me watching.

Sankarea: Episode 3

As Rea deals with her abusive father, Chihiro and his cousin Ranko (or “Wanko” as he calls her) go searching for zombie Babu.  This show seems to mix drama and bits of comedy together in an interesting way, and I am finding myself being drawn further into this with every episode.  Once again, this episode ended on a cliffhanger (literally) that has me excited for next week.

Upotte!!! Episode 3

This week’s episode kicks off with a demonstration about the importance of keeping rifles clean and well oiled, anime style.  The show also introduces the “SMG class,” as well as a detailed explanation of why British guns kinda suck.  Three episodes into this, it’s hard to believe that a show about firearms, the history behind them, and fanservice somehow works, but it’s devilishly entertaining for some reason.

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