Robots Can Now Read Our Minds

Oh Sweden, you thought that you could just get away with us ignoring you after all of your fabulous watch making, cheeses, and models.  No More!  It turns out that while all of us were looking the other way several Swiss Robo-Scientists have been working on ways to allow people to control robots with their minds, and while there are undoubtedly great strides that they are making to get paralyzed people to be able to walk again, it should be pointed out that THE ROBOTS ARE READING OUR MINDS NOW.

Sure, we are sending commands to the robots for them to do things like walking forward—but we all know that those robots are just playing along.  They are bidding their time until we are positive that they are just listening to everything that we have to think, then bam!  Robot-death for all!  Personally I don’t know if the country that’s greatest achievement is a cheese that cartoon mice simply can’t say no to is really a place that we should be outsourcing our world destroying monsters to.  Thanks guys, the entire point of this is to make it so that we are able to defeat the robots when the end starts, not that they will already know our plans of rebellion.  John Connors would be ashamed.

Source: Business Week

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