Adam Sessler Leaves G4TV

Wednesday’s episode of X-Play for this week will be the last time fans of the show see Adam Sessler hosting.  Adam Sesser’s representative has stated that Adam has left G4TV, and that Adam will be focusing his career elsewhere.  Adam Sessler will be playing himself in an upcoming movie “Noobz,” which is expected to come in summer 2012.  Adam will also be working as a consultant to the film industry for movies that are adaptations of video games.

While G4TV has confirmed that Adam has left the network, it is still unknown if his departure was on good terms.  This is very likely going to be a painful blow to the ailing G4TV, which has lost a great deal of its talent over the years.  The network has made major cuts to its original content, and has gained an infamous reputation for being the channel that airs little more than reruns of COPS and Cheaters.


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