Weekly Anime Round-Up: April 23rd-29th

Week 4 of the spring anime season has come and gone, and what a week it was.  This season is proving to be one of the best in a long time, with most shows leaving me begging for more.  Here is this week’s round up of anime goodness.

Accel World: Episode 4

Haru’s steamy wired connection with Chiyuri reveals that someone has infected her neuro-linker with a virus to hunt down Kuroyukihime on the school network.  While Haru tries to explain what he discovered to Kuroyukihime, he quickly becomes witness to the consequences of her reputation as the “Black Lotus”.  There isn’t much more I can talk about from this episode without spoiling it, but if you’re watching this you had best prepare yourself for an emotional roller-coaster.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San: Episode 3

This insane show continues its non-stop assault of parody, comedy, and fanservice.  This week Kuuko has followed Nyaruko to Earth, and has decided to team up with her to fight the alien crime syndicate…  only so she can get closer to Nyaruko.  It almost seems like the show is going to take a more serious direction when a “villain” appears, but instead the goofball antics continue with yet another hilarious battle scene.

(Correction:  Last week I misspelled Cthuga’s nickname as Kuko, but it would seem “Kuuko” is the generally accepted spelling of her name.)

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD: Episode 4
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

Ayumu continues to wallow in despair since his secret identity as a magiclad girl has been revealed.  This time his friend convinces him to visit a nearby maid cafe to get his mind off of everything that has been going on.  Unfortunately, this maid cafe is operated by a certain clan of vampire ninjas…

Natsuiro Kiseki: Episode 4
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

Another week, another accidental rock wish.  Saying the wrong thing around the wishing rock causes a mess of body swapping among the girls.  Things get interesting when Yuka swaps bodies with Saki and decides to take Saki’s body for a test drive and date a boy she has a crush on.  This show isn’t nearly as exciting or spectacular as the others out this season, but it continues to deliver its simple charms.

Sankarea: Episode 4

Poor Rea did not survive the fall at the end of last week’s episode, but lucky for her, Chihiro’s potion still seems to work.  Rea is strangely delighted by her transformation, since she is now free from her twisted father, and Chihiro struggles to contain his urges now that his zombie “fetish” has been fulfilled.  Between Chihiro harboring two zombies and Rea’s enraged father swearing revenge, things are about to become very interesting.

Upotte!!! Episode 4

The world’s cutest show about guns doles out lessons on the M-16, the AK-47 and its derivatives, and NATO ammunition.  M-16 talks about her embarrassing defeat during the Vietnam War, as she prepares for a school-hosted battle tournament.  Tempers flare when “bad girls” Galil AR and SAKO RK95 stir up trouble with the other students.  This week’s episode ends right when the action heats up, but that only means more to look forward to for this coming week.

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