Sony Meets With Famous PS3 Hacker GeoHot

People might not remember, but around this time last year there was a massive news story breaking involving Sony and this person who went by the handle of GeoHot (real name George Hotz).  Long story short, George managed to hack the Sony system to give people direct root access to the system—something that basically means that it can emulate whatever the user wants.  There was a lawsuit, some additional hacking to the network in protest, and it all ended up with George getting a great job at Facebook to try and make sure the same thing didn’t happen there.

Well just this week Mr. Hotz sat down with a large group of engineers to talk about what they could do to make Sony, their network, and future products even safer.  Interestingly enough GeoHot has received enough notoriety since the lawsuit that this meeting alone warranted an interview with some rather important newspapers (namely The New York Post).  Directly after this case broke Hotz was quoted repeatedly saying that he would be more than happy to go and work with Sony to try and prevent this kind of thing from happening, and as odd as that sounds that kind of thing is what ends up happening 9 times out of 10 with these kinds of events.

Source: The New Yorker (via gamezone)

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