Spoony Bard Podcast: Episode 47: It’s Always Plumbing Time

This pod was supposed to go up some time ago, if you manage to listen past the half an hour mark you will find out why things have been kind of running slowly around here.  Trust me, the only reason that it went up today is because I promised one of the more faithful listeners that it would go up yesterday.

This week we talk about the Super Mario Super Show and the game that we are playing this week, we also bring up that I was fired from my job recently, and that I destroyed my last computer.  Also, this was recorded on an entirely different computer than the one that we normally use, so let’s blame the odd quality of the recording on that.  Please feel free to comment and hit the links to tell all of your friends about us.


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  • You got shit-canned? Man… my sympathies are with you.

    •  Keep in mind that me destroying my computer happened like a handful of days later.  It was a very bad week.

  • Another enjoyable podcast, guys. I remember popping in an episode recently — some memories need to remain memories. I cracked a big grin when you brought up the drunken stumble at the end of Mario’s sign-off. That’s always been a big in-joke with my brothers.

    See you in the future 🙂

  •  yo! my name’s Gen and im a brony/”pony fag” and i love listening to your show. I respect your dedication to playing better games especially JRPGs since its the main reason i love listening to your show. After like, listening to your reviews of NIS games, i decided to try out some of those. I found out i like the Ar Tonelico series the best. Also, I am a big big fan of the Tales series. I finished Phantasia, Destiny 1 and 2, Symphonia, Abyss, Legendia and Graces F. Will you guys ever gonna try playing the after story of Graces F? They introduced a new Excel meter for battles. Each character’s Excel meter’s effect are unique. You also regain Richard as playable character. Also, try out the hidden dungeon, Zhonecage. I find it really challenging as you progress through it. Oh yeah, its announced recently that the new Tales game is Tales of Xillia 2 and i am pretty hyped up about it. Im hyped because the main character has the similar style shift that Graces F had as he switch between weapons. Just check out the announcement trailer, keep it mind though that it is still in ots early stages. It like how i first watch the announcement trailer for Vesperia, it was unimpressive at first, but it eventually became polished and it was actually fun.
    So yeah, thats enough about me this time. Looking forward to the next episode. Brohoof!


    •  I don’t know if Stark ever brought it up, but he beat the Future arch in Graces.  I beat the core game and was happy enough with that, and started the f part of the game.  I ended up dropping it because of how unimpressed Stark ended up being with how it all turned out.  That said I think that I fell into a Disgaea hole pretty quickly after I beat it, so that could explain why I didn’t go back any more.