Clean Energy May Already Be Here

Clean Energy; it is the kind of thing that Al Gore dreams will run the world one day.  Oddly enough that day may be today, as science has found a way to produce power simply by touching a device.  The downside, of course, is that it is powered by viruses that will probably one day mutate and kill us all directly after they have been installed into ever facet of our lives.  Even though that is something that will probably happen to our children, and not us, I think that this tech should be whole heartedly embraced.

As impressive as this sounds, a device that generates power simply by touching it, it turns out that things similar to this have been around for a couple of years now—as similar things are in use in dance clubs and train station floors.  The idea of capturing all of the energy that is produced by human movement and reused in some way is probably something that will be so integrated into our lives in the future that we won’t even think about our chair charging our iPhone as we sit in it, but it is an interesting question how far this is.  Until recently it required more power to make a solar panel than that panel would ever produce and those things have been around forever.  Maybe those killer viruses will just have to go after my grandchildren.

Source: TalkingPointsMemo

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