Varms.Net: Lazy Marathon: Yakuza: Episode 6 & 7

The “Fucking Dog food” episode.

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  • Filming all your episodes at once and uploading them incrementally is quite lazy, so the name you guys decided on is too appropriate. I look forward to more installments of Battle Arena Tokyo.

    I’m amazed that your character is seemingly the most hated man in the land while puppy bashers travel en posse ‘:-/

    Edit: It would be awesome if maxing your Soul resulted in a costume change of either Elwood ore Juliet Jake.

    •  Interestingly enough some of it has to do with the uploading of them episodes to youtube.  It is massively slow to do so, and they will randomly reject one based on length.

      • Yeah, that makes sense too. I still prefer my secret origin. Some say the legend is sometimes better than the truth. Well, that’s what ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ taught me, at least. Good flick. Classic western.

        I have to applaud you guys for sticking with this thing. A game like this would go shelved before I hit the half-hour mark if I were at the helm. Any more than that and I’d go from punting office workers to punting something dense and probably tear something tender at the cuticles. 

        Have another round, fellas; you have work to do.

        •  Just a heads up, Youtube has been giving me some issues as of late so I will keep trying to get this stuff up.  Also, I have been really sick this week, so the podcast will be a little late this week (we are going weekly again, yes) and this site will be randomly updated.