Weekly Anime Round-Up: May 14th-May 20th

Alright anime fans, it’s been one really awesome week of animated goodness, so let’s get right down to business!

Accel World:  Episode 7

As Haru fights alongside his newly hired partner to gain burst points, Kuroyukihime challenges Taku to a fight.  This episode is mostly focused on these two battles, and bounces back and forth between them.  Anyone that has been craving more Brain Burst combat will be totally delighted this week.

AKB0048:  Episode 3

The “auditions” for new AKB members have begun.  However, unlike a typical audition, outlaw idols start off with honing in their combat skills.  Is the premise of this show still kinda silly?  You bet.  And that’s what makes it so awesome.  Get ready to see idols in training face the horrors of battlefield combat during a J-pop concert.  I’m not going to lie; this is becoming one of my favorite shows of the season.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-San:  Episode 6

This episode opens with yet another battle between Kuuko and Nyarlko.  Also, it turns out that Mahiro’s mother was kidnapped so she could become involved in a video game console war.  And of course, this transitions into the obligatory beach episode, because it’s time to see the girls in cute swimsuits.  Anyone expecting this show to get serious at this point will only find themselves drained of sanity points.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?  OF THE DEAD:  Episode 7
(Is This a Zombie?  2nd season)

This week Eu fans will delighted when they find that certain conditions have allowed Eu to speak freely and take off her armor.  These same conditions have unfortunately forced Haruna to take Eu’s place as a silent, armor clad girl.  As the school festival continues, the festivities are cut short when the seemingly innocent drunken little girl Ayumu befriended reveals herself as a cursed magical girl that claims to be the cause of all that is wrong with the world.  So much for a “normal” school life…

Natsuiro Kiseki:  Episode 7
(A Summer-Colored Miracle)

This week the girls are preparing for their idol group performance at the town’s talent show during the summer festival.  Don’t expect too much for rock wish antics this week, as this episode is mostly focused on the events of the festival.  Don’t let that undersell this week’s episode, since some fairly interesting things happen- this episode even continues to run during the end credits!

Sankarea:  Episode 7

Poor Wanko continues to deal with the fact that she has to compete for Chihiro’s love against an undead rich girl.  Wanko reminisces about how she and Chihiro first met, while foolish Chihiro has nothing but zombies on his mind (as usual.)  If years of watching anime has taught me anything, it is very seldom that the “childhood friend” wins these types of romances, but this is the first time this sort of love triangle has involved a zombie…

Upotte!!:  Episode 7

And we finish off with this week’s episode of “cute guns doing cute things.”  As winter weather comes to the campus, we are given a lesson about the ideal operating temperature of various assault rifles.  Things get interesting when the girls decide to visit the poor teacher that FNC shot at earlier this season.

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