Fox News Ties “Cyberweapon” To Angry Birds

Fox News recently published an article about the Flame computer virus, a sophisticated program that has spread around the Middle East.  Fox news quickly points out that this malware was written in the same programming language as everyone’s favorite time waster, Angry Birds.  Flame was created with the LUA programming language, and is said to be an advanced “cyberweapon” for the purpose of spying on other nations.

While it is a fact that Flame was written with the same language as Angry Birds; that is where the similarities stop.  That didn’t stop Fox News from placing a photo of the title screen from Angry Birds at the top of their article, and making the claim that the virus is tied to the game, right in the title.  That’s right folks; Fox News thinks that Angry Birds is connected to international espionage.  According to Fox, every time you knock over those piggies, you can also have the satisfaction of talking part in the sabotage of rouge nuclear programs and unjust dictatorships.


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