The Zombie Apocalypse is Spreading up the East Coast

I have reported twice on odd happenings that seem to be the start of a zombie outbreak, most of those happening seems to have been taking place in Florida.  Late last week, though, it seems that some of the madness has been moving up the coast, and has gotten as far as northern New Jersey.  While some people might argue about the validity of calling this all zombies, it should be pointed out that this is super creepy that it is happening so quickly, and so closely together.

A man was captured after he reportedly ate another human’s heart and part of his brain in Baltimore.  The worst part is that this came just days after he assaulted another man and attempted to beat him to death, only to be released on bail to find and attack another, this time by almost dissecting him and hiding different parts in his house while eating others.  I think this might be the first time in recorded history that someone was almost beaten to death and ended up feeling lucky about it.

Source: Fox News

Too bad that wasn’t the worst thing that happened:

Police responded to a call about a man with a knife who was threatening to harm himself.  Too bad that no one described how, or in what way this guy was planning on doing so.  When the police arrived they found the man in a corner stabbing himself in his abdomen.  When they tried to talk to/help him he responded by throwing pieces of his own flesh and intestines at them.  Clearly sensing that they were out matched they retreated, and it took the swat team to subdue him.  The worst part is that the man lived through all of this.

Source: Huffington Post

Most importantly I want to give a shout out/link to the Daily Beast that is promising to update a Google map of all of the insanity as it unfolds.  It might not sound like much at first, but when you think about it, you want to know how close to you this thing is getting.  There are many naysayers of all of this, and while it might not be zombies (even though it probably is) something weird is happening.

Map Link: Daily Beast

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