Deep Fried Cereal Coming To San Diego County Fair

In recent years, the best attraction at many county fairs is seeing what culinary experiments have been performed with deep fryer technology.  One of the most famous peddlers of deep fried goodness is man who calls himself “Chicken Charlie”, who created the sensation known as deep fried Kool-Aid.  Chicken Charlie has a simple motto: “I can deep fry anything.”  This year Charlie will be introducing deep fried cereal, which is basically a batter dipped cereal bar that is fried and then covered with powdered sugar and more cereal.

While health-food nuts may find this man to be the devil himself, most fairgoers can’t resist these deep fried goodies.  Chicken Charlie claims he sold over 1.1 million “balls” of fried Kool-Aid during last summer alone.  Hit the link and check out the original story on CNN, with a video showcasing Chicken Charlie’s most popular fried treats.


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