Art Destroying Elderly Vandal Wants Royalties

A few months ago we commented on the fact that a woman, while trying to skillfully restore, managed to turn a famous painting of Jesus into what appears to be—according to Stark—a super mutant who simply loves Swiss rolls.  Well the internet simply seems to love failure on an epic scale and fell in lust with the art and people have since been flocking from all over to see it in person.  Considering it resides at a church people seemed to felt compelled to drop a little something in the donation box as a thank you; too bad that the woman who managed to destroy the painting in the first place now wants a cut of the profits.

I think that it is only fair to point out that the woman originally volunteered to fix the painting because it was considered to be a treasure for the entire town and the church simply could not pay to have it done professionally.  Now that the church is getting a mild influx of cash, last report was that it raised just over 2600 dollars in a handful of days; she decided that her work should be rewarded—which sounds sad on so many levels.  I think that if the woman wants to get a cent from the church, which is only taking donations in the first place, she really needs to pay for the damages that she did in the first place.  Considering that the painting was old and I am assigning a value of priceless to it, right now this second, I think that she should probably see money from them never.

Source: The Escapist

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