The Little Busters are innovators in screwing around.

Weekly Anime Round-Up: December 17th – December 23rd

This week three shows have reached their conclusions, and I have begun making my final decisions for anime of the year.  A few shows from this season will continue on into the next one, and I’m already planning for a few additions to the round-up when the new season starts.  This was a really exciting week, so let’s get crackin’!

Busou Shinki:  Episode 12 End
It would seem shinki’s have the same problem I do every Sunday morning.

While the shinki’s battle a brutal hangover from a long night of drinking, they realize Strarf has gone missing over the night.  Now the girls will have to muster enough courage and battery charge to rescue their friend from the clutches of a rich and powerful shinki collector.  This episode finishes the show with a bang, and there is lots of action and excitement to go around.  While this show won’t be winning any awards for being anything special, it was entertaining from start to finish.  And now for some reason I’m hoping Konami will reissue the shinki toys so I have something to blow my next paycheck on.  You bastards!

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:  Episode 12 End
(Despite My Adolescent Delusions, I Want To Date!)
Fuck the police!

Now that Yuuta has left behind fun and imagination, he’s begun to realize that maybe he has gone a bit too far.  With a little inspiration from a letter sent two years ago by the Dark Flame Master, Yuuta sets out to make things right, once and for all.  The ending to this show was very heartwarming, and I personally enjoyed how everything turned out.  I’m not one to sing the praises of Kyoani’s romance anime, but I had a lot of fun watching this show.  This was one of the best shows of the year right here, folks.

Girls und Panzer:  Episode 10
The Canyonaro of tanks right here.

Now that the moe-viets have finally been defeated, the girls have moved onto the finals.  Naturally, since they have defeated moe communists, their next opponents will be none other than moe Nazis.  Now the girls must face a large force of German tanks operated by the world’s most renowned “tankwondo” combatants.  It’s really sad that we won’t know what happens from here until March…

Little Busters!  Episode: 12
The Little Busters are innovators in screwing around.

In this episode the busters find themselves a manager for their baseball team, even though they are still short one more person for a full team.  While this is a typical episode of the busters messing around and not really achieving anything, the antics are fun as usual.  It looks like things may get more serious next week…

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse:  Episode 23
More mecha action, because we all deserve it.

Muv Luv is about to wrap up and there is plenty of action to go around this week.  This episode is packed with TSF vs TSF vs BETA action, something I think everyone has been waiting for.  Strangely enough, this evil plot behind everything going on reminds me of the “No Russian” mission from CoD: Modern Warfare 2.  Get hyped up; the final episode airs next week!

Psycho Pass:  Episode 11
Don’t we all?

This week’s episode is one hell of a ride.  I don’t want to say much in order to avoid spoilers.  I will say that this show was truly shocking, even among veteran anime fans.  Online discussions about this episode have been raving about how this episode truly brings fear, shock, and suspense to life.  One of the most shocking moments in all of anime happens in this episode, and I’m looking forward to the second half of this show.  This is anime at its finest here, folks.

Robotics Notes:  Episode 11
Frau confirmed for best girl.

Just as I have begun to get upset with the show for not doing anything with its storyline, things have finally started to come together and the plot has thickened.  This episode starts off with Frau and her amusing fujoshi antics, along with some references to Steins;Gate, and then the shit hit’s the fan.  I don’t want to say much more to avoid spoilers, but it looks like sticking with this show up until now is finally starting to pay off.

Shinsekai Yori:  Episode 13
(From The New World)
Oh shit.

While tracking down a friend that mysteriously ran away from the village, it once again seems that knowing too much is a bad thing in the new world.  While this episode was nothing too special, it reinforces that the ethics committee does not fuck around.  I’m not sure what will happen from here on out (like this show is ever predictable), but the second half will be very interesting.

Sword Art Online:  Episode 25 End
You would think someone this rich with ties to America would have a gun…

The conclusion to this year’s most (controversially) popular anime is finally upon us.  Kirito has his final confrontation in the real world, and then move on to collect his waifu.  This episode ties things up as satisfactorily as it possibly can, but his flirtatiousness with his stepsister still seem to wash down the importance of everything Kirito has been fighting for.  The second half of this show has pretty much torn away my praises for this when it started, but if anything I suppose this is okay as a guilty pleasure.  Considering the fact that there is much more source material and the BD’s are selling like hotcakes, there is a good chance we will see more of this.  I’m considering covering any further adaptation for shit’s and giggles, so this may not be the last we see of Kirito and massive plot holes.

Zetsuen no Tempest:  Episode 12
(Blast of Tempest/ AKA The Civilization Blaster)
Never a good sign.

The princess finally returns to the future, just as the situation spirals out of control.  Tons of craziness happens this week, so I’m not going to say much more.  The second half of this show is going to be interesting, nonetheless.

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