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Twitch, not tweek

For those of you who aren’t following me on twitter, (@gillman and you totally should) you probably don’t know that for the last couple of weeks I have been building up some content so that when I finally decided that I should let the word in on the experience there is something to watch.  Well I have a couple dozen hours out there, so you should go check it out.  For the most part I have figured out all of the odd technical issues that have been plaguing me/us up to this point so we should be good. As an added bonus if you want to dig through the past stuff you can even find some awesome content of Stark and I drinking and playing games, as well as an 8 hour series of videos of when Casey (our comic artist in residence) came across the country just to hang out.

As always, let us know what you think:

You can always find out we are doing this live via twitter (@gillman)


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  • Animarchy

    been gone for awhile. i missed varms. 🙁

    • Well we are doing a twitch cast about once a day at this point, so there is more than enough content there if you are interested.  You can either follow us on twitch and you will get an email whenever we go live, or if you follow me on twitter I always announce a couple of minutes before hand.  

      We are normally live around 2pm EST or so.  All of the previous episodes are also archived right there on twitch.