MIT: Still Finding Ways to Use Robots to Replace You

The last thing this man said was, "Stop.... Killing... Me...."

Researchers at MIT seemed pretty proud of themselves recently when they announced that they are making strides to replace your boss with an uncaring automaton. While that might not sound like anything even resembling a change this one would be an actual robot, and not just make you secretly feel that way while they cut your hours and pay so they can take the a nine day weekend.  Don’t worry, because the designers of our doom are quick to point out that leaps are being made so quickly in advancement that it you won’t toil under that machine for long before you are also replaced.

The worst part is that the cost of purchasing one of these things is probably less than a person’s yearly salary.  There might be an argument that could be made about the human cost being greater than profit, too bad these things easily do the job of two people and can work all day, every day.  This is probably one of those things that we should worried about, unless you are smart like me and already have a job in the tech field repairing this type of thing.  Don’t worry, I am sure it won’t be long before the world’s only human jobs are fixing the robots that replaced us. That or fuel for their death bikes.

Source: The Age

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